I am a Computer Vision Engineer who has been focusing and working on a multifaceted approach towards research in AI and more specifically Computer Vision, I believe in working towards research that translates into practical world applications that would help us evolve the world around us for a better tomorrow.

Having worked in both practical and theoretical research puts me in a position to develop a diverse skillset that leverages both for their advantages in their appropriate contexts. Most of my work is proprietary research for the company I am employed in, however if you're interested in learning more about my role in those projects we can schedule a meeting.

Notable Works

My most notable work has been in Data Extraction Automation in Scanned Document Images. Particularly I have worked in the field of Tabular Data Extraction, I have worked on the entire pipeline from Table Detection, Row Column Segmentation, Data Extraction and Data Population.

Upcoming Work

My upcoming work is in Data Generation Automation, Deep Learning based architectures require massive amounts of diverse datasets to generate meaningful and practical models and with ever increasing imbalance in datasets available for Open Researchers vs Corporate Researchers with later having access to massive amounts of datasets isn't leveling the playing field, with more tools available for Open Researchers to generate datasets on demand with fine control will allow more innovation to flow through the open source community.

Have a Project to Discuss?

I work as a freelance Engineer on my weekends, I love listening to new ideas and bringing them to life in a practical manner, with over 70+ projects done and an Average of rating of 5 Stars from 51 ratings I am confident I will be a good ear to your project idea, just get in touch with me via any of the following channels: